Graduate Seminars : CHM8256


Ruthenium Catalyzed Olefin Metathesis

Total Synthesis of (–)-Acetylaranotin: A 40-Year Journey

Hypervalent Iodine in Organocatalysis

Ethanol: Cool new ways to produce an old compound

Engineered herbicide resistance in crop plants

Randomizing Reaction Discovery In Organic Chemistry

Diarylethenes as Functional Organic Dyes

Fluctuations and Rearrangements: The Story of Bullvalene

C-H Functionalization: Recent Applications

Structural Elucidation and Misassignments in Natural Products

Rapamycin as an Immunomodulator in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Herbivore-Induced Plant Volatiles: Plant Defence Against Herbivory

Cellular Toxicity of Nanoparticles

Cytochrome P450: Characterization and Kinetics of Compound I


The Story of N-Linked Indoles: Total Synthesis of Psychotrimine

The Chemistry of Love

Metabolic Engineering: Microorganisms as Tools in Chemistry

Design and Development of Safe and Selective Deoxofluorinating Reagents

Phase III Clinical Trials: Investigating Current and Classical Cases

An Evaluation of Biomimetic Synthesis: Common Traits and Identification Criteria

Maoecrystal V: Race for the Prize

Fighting Malaria: From Artemisinin to ACT’s

Recent Applications of Benzynes and Indolynes in Organic Synthesis

Synthetic Biology: Designing Biological Systems

Carrier-Free Enzyme Immobilization for Stabilization of Biocatalysts

Cobalt-Catalyzed Cyclopropanations and 2+2+2 Cycloadditions



“Abnormal” N-Heterocyclic Carbenes- from Discovery to Isolation of C-4/5 Imidazolylidene

H Functionalization α to Nitrogen Heterocycles via the tert-Amino Effect –

Aurora Kinases are Attractive Targets for Anticancer Therapy

The Long Journey to Azadirachtin

Total Synthesis of (-)-Himandrine Applications of Deuterium Kinetic Isotope Effects in Organic Synthesis

Cyclopamine and the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway

N-Heterocyclic Carbenes: Comprehensive Organocatalysis Review 2010

Recent Advances in Photocatalysis Applied to Organic Chemistry

Total Synthesis of (+)-Haplophytine

Phenolic Oxidative Coupling in the Synthesis and Biosynthesis of Natural Products

Biosynthesis, Total Synthesis and Binding Affinity of Salvinorin A

A Final Alkoxyallenes: Chemical Versatility and Application

Critical Analysis of Library Types for High Throughput Screening

Rational Design of Fluorescence Probes

Activation and Reactivity with ″Frustrated″ Lewis Pairs –

Non-Covalent Interactions in Asymmetric Organocatalytic Transformations: Design and Development of Novel Catalysts

Controlling Stem Cell Fate with Small Molecules – Applications in regenerative Medicine –

The Total Synthesis of Phalarine: Racemic and Enantiopure Routes



The Total Synthesis and Structural Reassignment of Chlorofusin

Different Biological and Synthetic Strategies in Decreasing Telomerase Activity

Biology Oriented Synthesis: A New Approach to Drug Design

Tuberculosis NMR Predicion and its use to Determine the Structure of Hexacyclinol

Structural Assignment and Synthesis of Palau’amine Strategies in Telomerase Inhibition

W. Clark Still: Career in Review

Azaspiracid-1: Structural Elucidation and Total Synthesis



Looking at Carbocations from a New Angle : Controlling Stereochemistry of Reactive Intermediates

Total Synthesis of the Vancomycin Aglycon

Palladium-Catalyzed Trimethylenemethane Cycloadditions

Abyssomicin C

Think Big: Introduction to Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry

Molecular Motors: Nanotechnology from the Organic Chemist’s Perspective


The Development of a Novel Radical-Mediated Coupling of Indoles to Enolates

Direct Oxygenation of C-H Bonds: Towards Applications in Complex Molecules

Asymmetric Fluorination

Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry

Synthesis and Biological Activity of Platensimycin

Development of a Chiral Lewis Base Catalyzed Allylation Reaction

Diazonamide A: The Long Story of a Misunderstood Molecule

Stereocontrol in Transannular Diels-Alder Reactions

Biomimetic Synthesis of Trans-Fused Tetrahydrofurans by Stereospecif Epoxide Opening Cascade

Synthesis and Biological Activity of Marine Macrolides

Mechanistic Insight in the 1,4-Addition of Cuprates

Searching for Malaria Inhibitors: A Forward Chemical Genetics Study

Synthesis of the Kedarcidin Chromophore Aglycon

Olefin Metathesis: a Mechanistic and Kinetic Study

Recent Advances in the Chemical Synthesis of Fullerines and Buckyballs

Asymmetric Autocatalysis with Amplification of Enantiomeric Excess

Enzymes in Organic Media

Bryostatins: Selected Syntheses Biological Activity, and Analogue Design

Total Synthesis of Cortistatin A



Radicals in Asymmetric Synthesis: Formation of Tertiary and Quaternary Carbon Centers Using Acyclic Radicals

BE 10988: An Inhibitor of DNA – Topoisomerase II

DNA-Templated Synthesis: Principles of Evolution in Organic Chemistry

Gold-Catalyzed Reactions: A Treasure Trove of Reactivity

Geldanamycin: A Novel Approach to Treating Cancer

Total Synthesis and Rational Design of Protein Kinase Inhibitors

Synthesis of Lamellarin D, A Novel Potent Inhibitor of DNA Topoisomerase I

Applications of Palladium-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidative Kinetic Resolution of Alcohols in the Preparation of Pharmaceutical Compounds

The Petasis-Ferrier Rearrangement and the Application to the Total Synthesis of Phorboxazole A

The Tandem Intramolecular Silylformylation-Allylsilylation and Tandem Aldol-Allylation: Stereoselective Methods for the Synthesis of Natural Product Polyol Motifs

Total Synthesis of Erythronolide A via Nitrile Oxide Cycloadditions

Tamiflu: Bellerophon of the Modern Age

Anodic Oxidative Cyclizations: Tools for the Synthetic Organic Chemist

[2+2] Photocycloaddition/ Fragmentation in the Synthesis of Guanacastepenes A and E

Application of Pd-Catalyzed Asymmetric Decarboxylative Allylation to the Total Synthesis of (±)-Jiadifenin and (+)-Dichroanone

The Chiral Urea and Thiourea Scaffold: From Novel Catalyst to Privileged Motif



Asymmetric Epoxidation of Olefins by Chiral Dioxiranes in the Synthesis of Cryptophycin 52

Organocatalysis: Chiral Amines in the Synthesis of Hapalindone

Carbenes and Nitrenes: Applications to the Total Synthesis of Tetrodotoxin

Applications of a Novel Nickel-Catalyzed Reductive Coupling Reaction Towards the Total Synthesis of Amphidinolide T1

Taking Lessons from Thiamine Catalytic Umpolung Reactivity of Aldehydes

Tandem Epoxidation -[4+3] Cycloaddition of Allenamide

Lactacystin: Inhibitor of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway

Click Chemistry in Biological Systems

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